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Anti-slip coverings

Anti-slip coverings

The economical solution for eliminating slip hazards.

Floor marking 1

Floor markings

Quick and easy increase in safety and effectiveness through clear separation of people and vehicle traffic as well as clear hall structuring.

Safety-Wall Reflective 1

Wall and warning markings

The marking of obstacles and danger spots is to be carried out clearly recognisable and permanently by striped safety markings.

Safety-Stair stair nosing profiles

Non-slip edge marking

For the hazard area of stairs and other falling and tripping hazards.

Safety-Floor Rail Standard 2

Safety-Floor Rail Standard

Safety-Floor Rail Standard with its open loop structure is used, for example, as a functional floor covering in the entrance of rail vehicles.

Safety-Floor Rail Velours

High-quality carpet for rail vehicles with high moisture absorption and a wide range of colours.

Anti-slip profile from SFS

Anti-slip special profiles

Custom-made anti-slip profiles - solutions in addition to the standard assortment

CleanGrip step profiles for indoor use

Retrofit profiles for stairs and stairways in private, office and administrative areas

Safety-Floor Cleanmatrail

For permanent resumption with magnetic or anti-slip backing, no gluing is necessary.

Safety-Floor Rail DB 4 (blau) & DB 5 (grau) 1

Safety-Floor Rail DB Dirt Trapping

Robust dirt and moisture protection for rail vehicles, quickly and easily installed.

Safety-Floor Ultra Permanent 2

Floor marking tapes

Quick and easy implementation of driveways and parking spaces.

Floor anti-slip covering

Anti-slip coverings as safety markings

Cleverly combined: Anti-slip effect and warning colours for permanent and anti-slip marking of danger spots.


CleanGrip™ offers you flexible design options with slip resistance R10

Antirutschbelag Safety-Floor Standard coarse P40


SFS's strong own brand, Safety-Floor anti-slip coverings are available in R10 and R13 slip resistance.

Warning markings ground

Warning markings for the ground

Not only vertical obstacles offer a potential danger spot for accidents, but also horizontal obstacles such as trip hazards or fall edges must be marked accordingly. Discover products that offer long-term marking despite foot traffic.


Vertical warning markings

Achieve a great effect with little effort - self-adhesive warning marking tapes to quickly and easily mark hazardous points on walls and machines.

Floor anti-slip covering 1

Forklift-traversable floor markings

Hazardous areas can be marked particularly robustly and permanently with the help of floor marking tapes

Anti-slip covering Safety-Floor Standard fine P60

Safety-Floor Standard fine P60

Reliable anti-slip covering with very good fire properties, PVC-free.

Standard Coarse P40 sample picture

Anti-slip covering Safety-Floor Standard Coarse P40 transparent

Anti-slip flooring for heavy duty applications: PVC-free, R13 slip resistance and V04 displacement space.

Antirutschbelag Safety-Floor Standard coarse P40

Safety-Floor Standard coarse P40

Anti-slip flooring for heavy duty applications: PVC-free, R13 slip resistance and V04 displacement space.

Anti-slip covering Safety-Floor SG

Anti-slip covering Safety Floor SG1

Black-yellow robust and durable anti-slip flooring, PVC-free and with R13 slip resistance.

Individual anti-slip covering

Anti-slip covering Safety-Floor Individual

Safety-Floor Individual is a customizable anti-slip covering. Colors, design and anti-slip can be chosen.

CleanGrip 1st class transition profile

Anti-slip marking profile for carpets. The profile can be recessed flush. The anti-slip insert can be individually designed.

new article

Individual floor markings

Circulars, warning signs and warning triangles or customised markings for danger points.

Anti-slip covering Safety-Floor Basic

Anti-slip covering Safety-Floor Basic

The 3rd line from SFS. Tested, low-priced quality for the quick elimination of slip hazards.

Walkway profiles

Guide profile used in the carpet to visually and tactilely separate walking and sitting areas.

CleanGrip™ glass bead anti-slip floor covering with R11 anti-slip rating

Anti-slip covering CleanGrip

Easy-to-clean anti-slip covering with R10 slip resistance - the new innovation from SFS

Safety-Stair step plates

High-quality stainless steel plate for slip-resistant surface finishing of areas that are difficult to cover.

SFS Anti-slip profiles

Safety-Stair step profiles outdoor R13

Elegant aluminium profiles equipped with the highest slip resistance R13.

Safety-Stair nosing profiles

High-quality stainless steel profile with large tread surface and slip resistance R13

Safety-Wall Reflective 1

Safety-Wall Reflective

Increased visibility of the marking due to retroreflection of incident light.

Safety-Wall 1

Safety-Wall safety marking

PVC-free safety marking: robust, weather-resistant and strongly adhesive.

Safety- Floor Extra Strong floor marking tape

Safety-Floor Extra Strong fabric tape

Fabric insert for durability and easy removability.

Safety-Floor Ultra Permanent 2

Safety-Floor Ultra Permanent

Reliable floor marking for smooth floors, can be driven over by a forklift.

Floor anti-slip covering 1

Safety-Floor Ultra Stable SG

The black and yellow addition to the Ultra tapes: strong adhesion and forklift-crossable.

Safety-Floor Ultra Permanent - Shopfront

Set of Ultra Permanent floor stickers

Our set of floor stickers Ultra Permanent Yellow "Keep Distance"

Anti-slip covering Safety-Walk™ Coarse

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Coarse

Due to particularly coarse grain size, the product achieves displacement space V08 with slip resistance R13

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient

No mineral grain and can therefore be used in barefoot areas, slip resistance R10 is achieved with displacement space V04

Safety-Walk ™ 2

3M™ Safety-Walk™ General Purpose

Slip resistance R13 in the colours black, transparent and yellow

Anti-slip covering 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Conformable 1

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Conformable

Slip resistance R13, the aluminium base foil can also be applied to uneven surfaces

Individuelle Antirutschbeläge

Ronden, Warndreiecke und Tafeln

Ronden, Warntafeln und Warndreiecke als Bodenmarkierung für Gefahrenstellen.

Anti-slip covering Safety-Walk™ Coarse


3M™ Safety-Walk™ is the world's most recognised brand of anti-slip flooring.

Accessories for anti-slip profiles

Accessories for the installation of anti-slip profiles as well as retrofit products.

Accessories for SFS products

Small helpers to facilitate the application of anti-slip coverings, warning markings and floor marking tapes.

Technical information on products

Quickly find the right product Downloads, table of contents and icons With the help of our icons, we want to make it easier for you to choose our coverings. Here you will find all icons with their meaning. At a glance you can decide whether a product fits your requirements. In the course of the […]

Safety-Stair GRP stair nosing profiles

GRP profile with particularly high load-bearing capacity and weather resistance

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